How do your data compiled?

“Mails STORE” continuously gathers, analyzes, and manages in-house data from a variety of sources. From public records, title companies to credit bureau data, we have the most comprehensive data in the industry ranging from DBA filings and tax liens or judgments, to Yellow Pages. Mails Store also gather data from third party companies and associations that have received opt-in information from the businesses and individuals across the globe. All the records in our database are opt-in records. This process is obtained through a subscription management and confirmation process.

Business Database Accuracy

We place more than 20 million phone calls per year to verify and collect additional information. With our data, you can expect to have the highest deliver ability rates in the industry with only 10-25% undeliverable. You can even expect higher deliver ability rates in industries with lower levels of turnover.

What will be Mails STORE’s response rate?

There are many variables that determine the response rate in a marketing program. The product being sold, how it is offered, the creative content of the mailer or telemarketing presentation, and timing; all contribute to the rate of response you will eventually experience. So the rate of response can vary greatly from the campaign to campaign. Paying equals attention to your product, your offer, customer incentive to respond, the timing of the campaign and the list you use is essential. Some campaigns may be profitable with a response rate of one percent, whereas others need a much higher rate to register similar profits. The accuracy and deliver ability of our data will surely improve the rate of response you would have achieved if you were to use a less reliable list source, provided all variables being equal. Responses are tracked as Leads, Click through, email responses and opens.

In what formats can Mails STORE’s get out list?

Mails Store provides your list in the following formats: Microsoft Excels To Format on a CD Rom or sent to you by email Prospects Lists for telemarketing or outside sales reps File To Transfer Protocol. Text, Text delimited formats Diskette & Magnetic Tape. Most electronic applications will allow you to print mailing labels or prospect lists

How often is your database updated by us?

Mails Store offers only the finest data, which are updated quarterly to ensure that you will receive the highest quality list. With every order, we ensure our lists are clean and in full compliance with all ‘Do Not Call’ rules and regulations by verifying all the emails for deliver ability and validity. This ensures that our clients get only good and valid emails. It means Really Outstanding Information. You’ll see the difference when you use “Mails Store”.

What types of targeting do we offer?

We have a wide range of industry/title selects – the client has the option to select the industry verticals, titles, state or country based lists to reach the target audience.

How often are new names added? How often are unsubscribe removed?

We send monthly campaigns for list building on various new topics. We also take the initiative to update our current databases every quarter. The non subscriber is effectively removed within 48 hours of notice.